Expert Team

The expert team (Professor Glenn Mouser, Michael Nordahl, Clinton Allred, Mike Tinghitella, etc.) composed of well-known professors from Texas A&M University in the United States is the top authoritative professor engaged in research work in the American industry. Engaged in research work in the US pharmaceutical industry and enjoys extensive influence globally. The technology of the authoritative expert team gives ATRIUM products an absolute guarantee of technical content.

Glenn Mouser

Glenn has been a prominent contributing member of the Society of Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Chemists since 1993 and is the past president of the Idaho Quality Award program. Glenn is continuously improving industry-leading products while focusing on chemistry, R&D for new product development and is the owner of many patents.

Michael Nordahl

30 years of global media sales, marketing and operations experience. Successfully formulated and implemented product launch plans and distribution strategies for medical equipment and materials worldwide, and established extensive relationships with top universities, distributors, and manufacturers in the process.

Clinton Allred

Dr. Allred’s research focuses on the ability of diet to influence the development and progression of cancer. Dr. Allred is an expert in the study of cancer’s origin, role in its development and progression. He has published numerous research papers in this field that have greatly enhanced the scientific understanding of the physiological effects of food compounds on humans.

Mike Tinghitella

Mike Tinghitella, the research and development technical consultant of Atlas BioNutrition (Atlas BioNutrition) in the United States, has more than 30 years of research experience in the field of marine by-products, focusing on the study of seafood in the ocean that is beneficial to humans, and their development and production.

Bo Tao

BO TAO is a scientist who has made outstanding contributions in the fields of R&D, innovation, intellectual property, production and promotion. He has a background in science and engineering. He has independently invented a number of cutting-edge technological innovations and holds a number of US and international patents. His professional resume is also rich and outstanding. He once served as the CEO of a well-known medical equipment company. His client base is all over the world, and he has served many well-known companies, including Fortune 500 companies such as Danaher, Beckman, Coulter and Dentsply.

Dr. Jiao

Dr. Jiao is an innovative and results-oriented scientist. In the field of pharmaceuticals, he has rich experience in development and innovation. He is a leader in the industry and has made outstanding achievements over the years.