Company Profile

Registered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, ATRIUM is a health product company integrating R&D, production and sales.

The main production base is built in California, focusing on the research and development of nutritional supplements, pain, gender health, women’s anti-aging and other products, providing high-tech, high-quality nutrition, health care, beauty and skin care, muscle relaxation and pain relief products for consumers.

Market Size

ATRIUM locates the sales market in North America, the European Union and the Asia-Pacific region, and builds its own sales team globally.

The company has a strong logistics and cash flow, and has now opened Masspay in more than 100 countries around the world, and bonded warehouse logistics are smooth, providing convenience for operators and consumers around the world.

Business Cooperation

ATRIUM, Hong Kong Federal Holdings Group, Ruijiake Group, Brilliant (Borui Group), Japan LCX Co., Ltd. and STEVE KALUGING, a family of North Atlantic fishing, have jointly built an Internet economy, research and development, production and sales with the theme of health. one-stop platform.

All-weather whole industry chain

ATRIUM will build a complete health product production chain from “R&D” to “production” to “sales”. And it has cooperated with many well-known related companies such as Walmart and Target to create a healthy value chain.

Research & Development

2 Five – Years Plans

Second Five-Year Plan

With the United States as the core, it has been listed in Europe, Hong Kong and other places one after another, achieving sales of more than 1 billion US dollars and more than 1 million members. Realize the goal of establishing a health care base and healthy elderly care planning, and make ATRIUM a family around the world, and contribute to the health of all mankind forever.

The first five-year plan

Establish and train a strong and powerful sales team, build a platform, make a good talent reserve, make a good market layout, create a new retail mall model, and form a sales network mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and the European Union. Achieve sales of over 100 million US dollars, achieve the number of members exceeding 600,000, and achieve the goal of listing on NASDAQ in the United States.

Sales Planning

ATRIUM will take the benefit of human health as its mission, and always adhere to the quality of healthy products with the heart of craftsmanship.